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Lemur Swim is a comprehensive software application designed to help you run and grow your swim school business. Whether you are currently using paper, spreadsheets or another piece of software to run your business, switching to Lemur Swim is easy.

Below you will find lots of information about Lemur Swim, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, then please get in touch…

How easy is Lemur Swim to set up on my computer?
EASY! In fact, you don’t have to install anything on your computer because Lemur Swim is web-based. All you have to do is log on through your Internet browser and you’re all set to go.
How much does Lemur Swim cost?
We like to keep things simple. Whatever the size of your swim school business there’s a package for you.

You can pay as little as 8p per student per month, prices start at 30p per student on our lowest band, and you only ever pay for the number of active students you have.

You will only ever pay for the number of active students you have and if your business grows then our pricing formula grows with you and your per child cost gets cheaper.

Check out our pricing HERE.

I have a small swim school with 100 students or less. How much will Lemur Swim cost?
We have set up our pricing to be a fair as possible to all sizes of schools, but we do have a minimum cost of £24.99 per month which applies to smaller swim schools with between 51-100 students.

If you have 50 students or less then you’ll only pay £14.99 per month. And if you would like a free trial just get in touch.

If your business grows or you would like to import all of your student data into your account we can simply upgrade you for the next calendar month. After that you’ll be in the relevant package for your students numbers.

Check out our pricing HERE.

How long do I have to sign up for?
There’s no contract, you pay monthly and you can cancel whenever you want. Although we will be sad to see you go we’ll even help you export your data.
How many users can I have on the system?
As many as you need. We have no limit on the number of software users or how many can be logged in at any time. Don’t forget your students are different to users. Your monthly bill is based on the number of active students you have in the system.
Can I import my existing customer data?
Yes. Just click on the import data button on your dashboard. Point it to the location of your data and it will do the rest. Of course, if you get stuck our friendly team will be there to help.
How safe is my data?
Your data will be stored on our secure server and backed up daily in case of any problems. If something should go wrong, then we easily restore your data for you.
Will you help me get set up?
Yes. Our friendly support team are always available on the phone and you will be assigned one member of our team as your personal contact to guide you through any problems you may have in any part of the set up process.
Will I have to pay extra for software updates?
No. All software updates are included in the monthly fee so you always have access to the latest version.
Does sending emails and text notifications cost extra?
Emails are free to send.

You can purchase one of our Text Message Bundles so you can communicate by text with your parents. Texts cost 7p each in our smallest bundle but if you buy larger bundles the price per text will drop to just over 6p per text.

Check out our pricing HERE.

What happens if I go to the next price band in the middle of the month?
Everything will continue working as normal and your monthly fee won’t increase until the beginning of the next month (providing your numbers don’t  increase by more than 5% of your original allowance.)

We understand that you will grow your student base and we are here to help. When your numbers increase you be sent an email to confirm this and the system will still work for you as normal. At the start of the next month your monthly fee will increase to the next band.

Check out our pricing HERE.

What help will I get with using Lemur Swim?
Included in your monthly bill will be a range of support solutions, including: FAQs, videos and a knowledgebase in the help section of the software. These will help you answer most questions about setting up and using Lemur Swim.

If these resources don’t answer your query then you can also submit a support request to our friendly team who will be happy to assist. All we ask is that you check the available Help Resources on our website before you submit your question as you may find the answer there.

Depending on the level of your support requirement we reserve the right to make a charge for this assistance. We will always let you know if any charges are applicable before we proceed.

How do I cancel my account?
Just log in to your Lemur Swim dashboard and click on the Cancel My Account link. You’ll receive a confirmation email and you will account will cease to be active at the end of your monthly billing cycle. You will need to export any data before that date. If you need any help with this just get in touch.


We were a new swim school aiming to go from zero to five hundred customers in a year and needed software that could minimise our admin time. Lemur Swim has so far delivered.

Lemur’s swim school management software is very easy to use it also has lots of functionality. Our admin assistant is 54 years old and not great with a PC but she has picked up the software no problem at all.

The software is quick and easy to use, the data collection form (Lemur Wave) has enabled us to imbed a contact form on our website through which all customers enquires are automatically entered into our Lemur Swim database saving lots of manual entries and hence saving time.

Lemur, as a company, seem big enough to handle our volume but small enough to care, i.e they have always answered the phone when I have called and always replied to emails in an average of just a couple of hours and even replied over weekends on occasion.

Tony Hogben

Owner, Horsham Swim School

Lemur Software provides me with all essential school administration at my finger tips whilst teaching. This has proved a major source of comfort when emergency situations have occurred whilst teaching and I have been able to contact parents immediately.

It also helps me keep on top of my business with student and class data constantly updating. It has become a very welcomed asset to my business and I highly recommend it.

Becky Paris


I have been Lemur Swim for few months now, and from the outset, the Lemur team of developers have always been very supportive. They are super positive and prompt in dealing with my requests to adapt their software to my business needs. I would strongly recommend Lemur Swim.

Eduardo de Como

Owner, Home Swimming

I was a start-up stand alone swim school who was looking for a simple & effective software package to get my business off the ground. I found Lemur Swim software to be easy to understand & use with everything in one place. Telephone support has also been very useful & solved any issues I've had.

In just 3 months we now run 40 courses per week with 300+ swimmers, all this is managed & made easier on Lemur Swim software with accounting, registers, emailing parents etc all available to me instantly. I would highly recommend Lemur Swim software, they continue to help me grow my business & solve day to day issues in this industry.

Alan Gregson

Owner, Olympia Swimming

We have additional pricing brackets that offer even greater flexibility.

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